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Municipality of Esposende, Esposende, Portugal.

Trainee program participating in the following projects:


Sport and Playground Centre at Fonte Boa, Esposende, Portugal.

Centre of Environmental Studies of Quinta do Paiva, Marinhas, Esposende, Portugal.


Manuel Fernandes de Sá Arquitecto Ltda. Porto, Portugal, collaborating in the following projects:


Single family house in Treixedo, Viseu, Portugal.

International Youth Centre, Cinfães do Douro, Portugal.

Education, Support and Rehabilitation Centre of the Youth, Youth Foundation, Porto.

Vianapolis – Project for the Public space of the City Park of Viana do Castelo (national competition), Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

Urban plan of Caldas da Saúde, Santo Tirso, Portugal.


Municipality of Esposende, Esposende, Portugal.

Since Dec 2003 works as senior architect at the Municipality of Esposende.


Integrated in the Division of Planning and Development, responsible for the following projects:


• Urban requalification of the village of Apúlia, Esposende, Portugal.

• Remodelling and expansion of the Basic School at Esposende Educational Centre – Escola António Correia de Oliveira, Esposende, Portugal.

• Design type for beach facilities within the national costal program POOC Caminha/Espinho [Plano

de Ordenamento da Orla Costeira],

Strategic plan for the recovery of River Cávado – Pathways and waterfront boardwalks, Fão, Esposende, Portugal.

Requalification of the riverside of Fão (2nd phase), Esposende, Portugal.

Project for Municipal Toponomy and Numeration Regulation – Coordinated design for community signs.


Since Nov 2009 integrated in the Division of Urban Management, exerting the following duties:


• Management of building permit processes of urban operations;

• Execution of surveys required in The Legal Regime of Urbanization and Building;

• Analysis and opinion on application for advertising permits;

• Meeting requests of certification regarding all division actions;

• Studies for integration of urban operations.


Own Work / With Associates:


Collaboration with Arch. João Cambão (Viana do Castelo, Portugal) in various projects, among those:


• Remodeling of single family house in Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

• Single family house in Vila Nova de Anha, Viana do Castelo, Portugal.

• Single family house in Fragoso, Barcelos, Portugal.


Collaboration with Arch. Hans Ola Boman (Matosinhos, Portrugal) in various projects, among those:


Remodelling of apartment in Matosinhos, Portugal.

   Preliminary Design, Construction Documents and Site Supervision.

Single family house in Vilar do Monte, Barcelos, Portugal.

   Preliminary Design.

• Single family house in Antas, Esposende, Portugal.

   Preliminary Design, Licensing documents, Construction Documents and Site Supervision.

• Loteamento urbano para vivenda unifamiliar em Forjães, Esposende, Portugal.

   Preliminary Design and Consultation documents.

• Remodelação e ampliação de vivenda unifamiliar em Fragoso, Barcelos, Portugal.

   Preliminary Design and Licensing documents.

• Remodelling of agricultural building into vacation house, Barcelos, Portugal.

    Preliminary Design.


Design, production and marketing of utilitarian design piece entitled “Necklace Hanger Anita”.

2010 - present

2010 - present

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