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With a privileged geographical location, 3000 hours of sun per year, over 500 miles of glorious beaches washed by the Atlantic, extraordinarily rich history and gastronomy, as well as an enviable cultural heritage Portugal offers fabulous living conditions.
In addition to these favorable prospects major economic benefits now attract a growing number of foreign companies and private  individuals that choose to locate their dwelling here.

This tendency is accompanied by Lusitan Architecture
AB (Ltd) - an architectural enterprise created by Ola Boman, Swedish architect with fourteen years working experience in Portugal, and Ana Neiva, Portuguese architect with solid expertise in all the country's administrative processes in the construction industry from both client and authority perspective.


The company provides consulting and technical expertise through all phases of building construction for companies and individuals who wish to establish themselves in Portugal in the creation of new homes and businesses in a new world, or those who are already in the country and want to change, expand or alter their properties.

The company, which is established in both Sweden and Portugal, also disposes contacts in Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany and Brazil.

Thanks to the multidisciplinary character of the team and through the partnerships we entered into with relevant sectors
Lusitan is capable of fulfilling a broad area of missions in all phases of the construction process: program development, project design, project management and construction.

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