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Projects: Architecture, Urban Design and Interior Design
Implementation of all kinds of projects necessary for the execution of:
● New construction;
● Reconstruction;
● Expansion;
● Restoration;
● Interior Refurbishment.


Coordination and execution of all disciplines involved

In partnership with associated engineering companies and consultants.

Legal Licensing Procedures
Preparation of all documentation and legal procedures including all necessary contact with licensors.

Preparation, Management and Execution of construction
● Project developement, Contract and Tender documents, Timeplan  and Budget Estimates;
● Technical support. Time, Cost and Quality monitoring;
● Execution of construction in partnership with associated construction companies.

Consulting and technical support

In the decision process for acquisition of  real estate properties:
● Technical reports,

● Feasibility studies,

● Consultation of licensors 

● Requests for Preliminary Information.

Contacts and coordination with other agents

Real estate companies, investment agencies, banking institutions and lawyers offices and other entities.

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