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Close to the Client:


● PRESENT: We are based in Portugal and Sweden and have collaborators in several countries such as Spain, France, Switzerland, Germany, India and Brazil.

● LANGUAGE: We promote the contact with the  clients in their native language which facilitates communication (whether by direct contact or representative for contact with potential funders in the home country).

● CULTURE: We share the culture, habits and lifestyle of the customer, which generates better feel for their functional, constructive and formal preferences.

● COMMUNICATION: We advocate a close relationship with the client throughout the project and construction process because we believe this to be the best way to transform an idea into reality.

A Compact process simplifies control of times and costs:

● BIG PICTURE: We undertake overall responsibility for all phases of the process - program, design, construction and management. This policy we consider important for preserving and developing the initial request for optimal results. It maintains the pace and saves time for the customer who is relieved of much administration and bureaucracy.

● COORDINATION: To keep a coherent information flow and shorten decision paths, we coordinate all involved disciplines - engineers, consultants and contractors - throughout the project and construction.

● PARTNERS: We cooperate with related consultants which enables us to give fast and correct response in linked processes such as financing, land acquisition, taxes and law.

We focus on quality architecture and customer satisfaction:

● PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE: The team has an extensive academic background and wide professional experience in Portugal and other countries. The professional attitude that our production testifies, is to follow the high standards of rigorous design and high quality materials and building crafts.

● WORKING METHODS: We collect the client's own visions, wishes and requirements to find a solid conceptual basis to support the choices of technology, form and materials. Thus we reach the final coherent architectural solution.

● AWARENESS: We respect the fact that the clients invest their time and capital with aim to create perfected buildings where they or others spend much of their time. We are aware of the transversal character of architecture that requires insight into everything related to economic, functional, cultural, social, technical and aesthetic aspects.

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